E&O Financial, LLC

We provide comprehensive financial planning strategies to our clients in a tailored, low-pressure manner. Our goal is to make sure you are prepared for the challenges ahead and are able to enjoy the retirement you deserve.

Retirement Planning

Stable return in any market environment. This strategy seeks to preserve your investment value by investing in lower risk assets and generating stable return at the same time. Allow us to help you make your retirement plan, crafted to you.

Life Insurance

Take a bit of risk for bigger return. Maximize returns by investing in assets with higher degree of risk. Your initial investment is covered by our extended guarantee. Life Insurance is a critical part of any complete financial plan.

Senior Benefit Planning

Our individual investment plans are designed for those who want to create their own investing strategy. Minimum investment amount is required, please discuss details with our representative and discover the options that work best for you.

Invest in a secure future

A secure financial future is priceless. Consult a professional at E&O Financial to find out your options and begin your road to financial freedom.

Download our Retirement Solutions Guide

This complimentary guide discusses important retirement concepts you need to know. With information on Retirement Income Planning, Social Security, Medicare, and more, this guide helps you understand what’s ahead as you transition into retirement.

Download our Senior Benefits Guide

This guide provides you key information about Medicare, Social Security, Long-term Care and more. E & O Financial is committed to providing excellent information to our clients. Our goal to help you achieve a fruitful and rewarding retirement.